For anyone new to my work – knowing what has informed it by be of interest.

None of us operate or produce in a vacuum; for example, the very language I am using now is a product of Greco-Roman-Celtic-Judaic-Germanic-Christian-Arabic words/grammar and other linguistic rules and, I’m sure, quite a few others too.

As a musician, my (conscious – I’ve no idea what my subconscious is taking in!) sources fall into two areas: 


John Dowland
The Smiths
The Beatles (late)
Constantin Brancusi
J.S. Bach
J.C. Bach
Edward Burne-Jones
Eric Satie
Philip Larkin
J.W. Turner
L.S. Lowry 
Astor Piazzolla
John Luther Adams
Haruki Murakami
The Star Wars films
Ayn Rand
Mervyn Peake
Jordan Peterson

Instrumental approach

Glenn Gould
Django Reinhardt
Julian Bream
Kazuhiro Yamashita
Jascha Heifetz
Ali Akbar Khan
Dino Lipatti
Manitas de Plata
Johnny Marr
Astor Piazzolla
Wanda Landowska