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“Very honest stuff” – Steve Reich on ‘Morning’

David Braid, composer of some 160+ works, including three symphonies & a viola concerto, has had his work performed internationally in Europe and the Americas and broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Major UK performances include Wigmore Hall, Southbank Centre, King’s Place, Wilton’s Music Hall, 1901 Arts Club, among others.

David has over 40 releases: albums, EP & singles:

NEWS – commission of extensive solo work, Seven Bright Ideas, for German mandolinist Florian Klaus Rumpf just completed – news on premiere and recording/publishing to come.

NEWS – His major recent work Journey Time – will be released (CD/download) in May 2023 – a setting his own text for soprano and small group. The text looks at the idea of self-realisation in context of the follies of contemporary life; here is an excerpt: The Land of Distractions. For more films see the Films/Audio tab above.

The Land of Distractions (from Journey Time)

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  1. David,

    Greetings from a wet, windswept New York!

    Great to hear you and Nakyung Park on In Tune yesterday, which I heard last night on BBBC Sounds. I started listening while waiting in the car for my youngest son to come out of a rehearsal and when I heard Katie Derham mention your name, I started listening properly.

    I’m glad to see your work is getting some recognition and to hear you had a productive lockdown.

    You both played some great pieces yesterday. I really liked Press Pause. Actually I liked all of them. And I’m sorry to hear about Crotchet, but you’ve composed a great memorial. I was trying to explain to my son that in the UK, what Americans call a quarter note is a crotchet and a half note is a minim. I’ve not be ventured into eighth notes, 16th notes and 32nd notes with him, or breves or semibreves. He looks confused whenever I raise the subject. I also mentioned you had another cat in your street who looked like a minim, which made him look even more confused.

    I don’t know how you caught Radio 3’s attention for Mandolin +1. I can’t imagine it was easy, unless it was by chance. Perhaps you’ve got a good agent working for you. But congratulations!

    Good luck with the project; I wish I was in the UK to get to some performances, but probably won’t be back until the spring. We’ve not been over since before the pandemic started.

    1. Ah good to hear from you Anthony. A nice surprise! So glad you’ve enjoyed the broadcast- what a good name for a cat: ‘quarter note’ next time perhaps! Love it! The thing with the radio it was quite remarkable they just saw a poster for my concert went to YouTube saw some films and invited me on it’s funny how all the good things in life seem to Happen by themselves as long as you put the work in before of course! I have no agent – it’s just me being persistent/irritating! when you’re over look me up always doing something I have a big concert June 23rd in the massive Brunel Museum tunnel shaft in Canada Water near the old office 200 feet down!

      1. Hi David,

        Sorry the delayed reply. That’s great news about your concert in the Brunel Museum tunnel shaft at Canada Water. I can imagine the acoustic would be cathedral like. If I am in the UK at the time, I would love to go. I’ll let you know next time I’m going to be over, which will be in the spring some time.

        Cheers! Anthony

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